Here's a template you can use for your own water bottle label.

Customized Bottled Water With a Water Bottle Label Template

Adding more personalized touch in your bottled waters for special events is an interesting way to do. Customizing it according to a particular occasion or event such as birthday, wedding, graduation, holidays, baby or bridal showers and big corporate event offers a sense of originality and hard-thought fresh idea that would surely mark in the memories of everyone who joined in your celebration.

How to make custom-made water bottle labels? It is so easy to do. All you have to do is either purchase or download a water bottle label template for free. Just simply register for a free design software online and choose the Design and Print option. There is actually a wide variety of designs available that you can choose from.

Pick the ones that is appropriate to the kind of party you are going to conduct or the ones that best suit your requirements. In case you want to add other details, you can also edit it as much as you like depending on the look you want it to appear. Once you are done with editing and size adjustments, you can now hit the Print button and voila! You now have your very own water bottle label template.

If you are using an inkjet printer, then it would be better for you to use white-matte vinyl water resistant labels. For laser printer, on the other hand, the best thing to use is white gloss polyester water-resistant labels. In order to dry the labels instantly and permanently, you may also choose to submerge it in water for better results. Carefully cut the template by simply following the outline.

Once you are done trimming, gather your bottled water, as well as the labels you just sheared a while ago, and begin attaching the labels into the bottles. If the bottles that you purchased already have labels on them, then simply remove those first before you attach yours. If you want to get things done fast and hassle-free, you may also choose to simply hire a company to do the job for you.

Considering your basic needs and main objectives, carefully decide which way can give you a more advantage. After all, there are various online companies that are currently offering this kind of service, which provide everything right from the water bottles to designing the labels and delivering it at your doorstep. Whichever you may choose, always make sure that it suits the occasion and it matches your budget.

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The Clean Bottle Defies The Traditional Water Bottle Template

Refillable water bottles have long been a staple in athletics. From the those found secured to the frames of bicycles, found on the sidelines of football and basketball games, or those casually thrown into the corner at an aerobics class, water bottles are everywhere. Every person has used one of these before, and if they are an active athlete they have eventually noticed the off putting smell or the collection of brown sediment that collects at the bottom. As useful as these bottles are they seem to be nearly impossible to clean, and are often thrown away once they develop an odor. The Clean Bottle turns the traditional water template on its head.
Without a doubt, if you follow cycling you have noticed the “bottle man” chasing after the Peloton. He is advertising for Clean Bottle. This new invention is based on a very simple idea. Rather than the traditional water bottle template of having only one opening at the top this version opens at both ends making it remarkably easy to wash. You simply unscrew the cap at both ends and wash with soap and water. It is such a simple idea that it boggles the mind why no one thought of it before. By opening at both ends the Clean Bottle can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Finally, no more brown gunk clinging to the sides and mildew smell every time you take a drink. You can rest assured that your beverage is as clean as it can possibly be.
Old sport’s bottles were thrown out on a regular basis, and there cleanliness was always in question. Sure you swirled some hot soapy water in there, but did you get everything. Sports drinks are notorious for leaving residue behind. With this new sports bottle you can be sure that every crevice was thoroughly scrubbed.

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Using Printable Water Bottle Labels

Printable water bottle labels can be used to add some creativity to parties and wedding favors. They offer a cheap way of personalizing events with custom designs and meaningful words. The labels can be used on mini or regular size water bottles. They usually come in water-proof or water resistant paper.
The sheets are usually available in 8.5″x11″ size. The paper has to be cut to the appropriate size after printing. These sheets do not require the use of any special printing equipment. They can be used in most laser and inkjet printers. They can also be used in photo copiers.
The best way to print these labels is to use a laser printer or copier. They are the most ideal printers for water-resistant prints. The printing mechanism in these printers uses heat that helps the paper to bond better. The toner these machines use is also insoluble in water. This makes the print to last much longer.
On the other hand, if an inkjet printer is used, the prints will not last too long. This is because inkjet printers use ink that is water soluble. Individuals who have access to only inject printers can use them to print labels for occasions and parties that are not formal. For more important events, it is better to use laser printing.
Printable water bottle labels are very easy to use for any individual. All the user has to do is to power up his or her PC and use the appropriate software program to make a design and then print. The design can have images and text. A lot of creativity can be brought into the design. It is also good to use a right background that will allow the design to show clearly. The paper is designed to give four regular size labels per page.


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Personalize Your Shower Favors With Baby Shower Water Bottle Labels

One of the biggest trends in providing your guests with favors is gifting them with something that they will actually use again. As more and more people are shying aware from disposable cups and plastic water bottles, reusable beverage containers are becoming sought after favors. To make them even more special, hosts can purchase baby shower water bottle labels, which may be added to almost any model, that will allow them to personalize their gift.

There are a few things that hosts should know before purchasing such labels. As they will be customized for your shower, it is a good idea to order them well in advance of the event. Some of the most complicated designs can take weeks to print and ship, so be sure that you understand these time lines before placing your order.

The number of colors that you use, and any graphics that you add, can change the price of the label. If you are on a strict budget, sticking to a two color design is a good way to save. When getting an estimate of the cost from your label making company, it is a good idea to send them a digital image of what you want the label to look like. This way, they will be able to customize the estimate for you, and talk about any money saving changes that you can make.

While they will help you with graphic designing, in some cases, they are typically not required to help you identify and fix spelling mistakes. Bearing this in mind, it is a wise idea to send your prospective label design around to some friends before making any submissions. This way, you can be sure that everything is spelled and punctuated correctly, and that your favors will be a hit.

If you are looking to give your guests a favor that they will really use, a personalized water bottle is a great ideal.


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Custom Labeled Water Bottles

You see them everywhere… from your local bank to business meetings and conferences. Custom labeled water bottles are becoming as popular as customized pens and other custom office products. The reason custom water bottles have become so popular is because they provide another avenue for businesses to promote their products or services.

Custom water bottles have also become ubiquitous in the corporate world because of the technological advancement within the digital printing industry. Digital printing allows custom labels to be printed in full color, in smaller quantities, while still being cost effective. This has made it easier to truly customize water bottle labels for specific events, conferences, meetings, and more.

Customizing product for events, especially items like water bottles, which are in high demand give businesses a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers. If you are hoping to promote a new product or business, providing something as simple as a customized water bottle can be a quick way to reach prospects.

You don’t only have to promote your product at your events. You could partner with groups or organizations that cater to your niche and donate labeled bottles of water with your information to their events. This is an easy win-win for you and the event promoters, as they will save money while giving you an opportunity to promote your product or service.

The labels should be customized with your company or product name, along with a logo and identifying colors. Providing additional information like a website or phone number are very important, as they provide the next step from turning a prospect into a customer. Printers that have the ability to use digital label printing technology will probably provide the best value for smaller quantities or multiple designs.

Lauren Hayes is Vice President of Sales for InTouch Labels, a company specializing in designing and printing custom labels for almost any application. For more information, contact or visit

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